Wisdom from a Former Event Director: A Chat with Tori Kammer

By: Sonya Kordovich

The Dr. Lewis B. O’Donnell Media Summit has produced a legacy of capable media professionals that have gone on to be effective leaders in their field. In Tori Kammer’s case, she has used the value in her experience as Career Connectors Coordinator in 2018 and in 2019 as Co-Event Director in her current position as VP of Account Management at Inside Track PR, an NYC Based PR Agency. As a 2020 graduate of SUNY Oswego, Tori was heavily involved on campus with leadership roles in other clubs, such as the President of Del Sarte Dance Club.

She states, “Being the co-event director was an eye opening experience and gave me a first hand look at all the work that goes into an event of this scale. Within my first few months out of college, I was asked to take on similar responsibilities at my job, and coordinate a panel discussion event. I was confident in my ability to do so because I had a strong foundation and understanding of how an event like this would run.”

She cites that her experience in the Media Summit taught her the value of networking and leveraging connections, which is crucial when working in her field of public relations that prioritizes relationship building. Beyond networking opportunities, she’s had a considerable time working with a team of dedicated students which led her to recognize passion for management and leadership. In her role as Co-Event Director, she learned the importance of delegation, detail orientation, and communication which she uses every day in her current role.

Looking forward to the upcoming Media Summit on October 27th, Tori offers wisdom to those who are on the Executive Board and to those are who looking to get involved, “My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to join the Media Summit e-board, or currently working on the Media Summit, is to fully take advantage of the opportunity. Working on the Media Summit is true experience based learning; These are the kind opportunities that make Oswego students stand out. Whether it’s helping to plan the event or just attending the day of, make the most of the opportunity!”