What to Expect at the 2021 Media Summit!

By: Sonya Kordovich

It is time to get excited, folks! The 17th annual Dr. Lewis B. O’Donnell Media Summit is a week from today! As we approach the day-long event, here is what you should expect!

The day begins with six special sessions from 9:10-10:05 as follows: Nielsen, Ratings, and How We Know Who is Watching with Panelist Frank Palumbo on Zoom, Media Jobs You Don’t Know About, But Should with Career Connectors Justin Dobrow, Imani Cruz, and Carmen Mendoza, My Life in PR with Career Connector Kalie Hudson Dobrow, Entertainment, Sports, News: Reporting on it All! with Career Connectors Travis Clark and Matt Stone, Broadcast Techies, Unite! with Panelists Renard Jenkins and Jamie Duemo, and Working in Live Production with Panelist Chrissy Guest and Career Connector Geselle Martinez! Following the special sessions, there is an additional discussion with Chrissy Guest in MCC 211 from 10:20-11:15.

The day continues with Panelists and Career Connectors visiting various Broadcasting, Communication, and Public Relations classes from 10-12. These sessions are tailored to each speaker and allow students to connect with a professional in their desired field. The main panel discussion will begin at 3 pm in Waterman Theatre with our panelists discussing the changes they have seen in their respective industry since the rise of streaming services and also answering questions submitted by students beginning at 3 pm until 4:30 pm. The Career Connectors event begins following the panel from 4:30-6:00 pm, where students will have the opportunity to meet with career connectors that work in their desired career.

For me personally, I will never forget when I was a freshman in my first ever semester in college hearing from 2018 Media Summit Panelists, Health Equity Coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York, Gina Iliev, and SUNY Oswego Alum (’07) & Co-Founder of Digital Hyve, Jeff Knauss. The discussions we had in class were so beneficial to my personal and professional and made me get excited to started in my courses and eventually my career. These visits encouraged me to get involved with the Media Summit and I went to the interest meeting in Spring and got the position of Social Media Assistant for the 2019 Media Summit, which was one of the best decisions I have made in my time here at Oswego. I look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday and I hope you take advantage the opportunities for networking throughout the day-long 2021 Media Summit!