Meet the 2016 E-board:

Co-Event Directors

Kalie Hudson '16: Co-Event Director
Kalie Hudson ’16




Kalie Hudson ’16 is a senior with a major in Public Relations and Arts Administration minor. She would like to work in the field of communication within the media industry, with interests in event planning and corporate communication. 




Boni Quatroche ’18




Boni Quatroche ’18 is a sophomore with a Public Relations major. She wants to pursue a career in event planning. She is very interested in traveling and meeting different types of people as well as getting to know their culture.



Event Promotions and Social Media

Travis Barend ’16




Travis Barend ’16 is a second semester senior Public Relations major. After his graduation this December, Travis hopes to continue working in Public Relations, specifically in the sports and entertainment industry.




Melissa Wilson ’17




Melissa Wilson ’17 is a senior with a Broadcasting and Mass Communication major. She hopes to become a social media specialist for a television network. She is interested in the impact our technological advancements have and will continue to have on children.




Photography Director

Thomas Kasperowicz ’18 is a senior Broadcasting and Mass Communications major. Upon graduating next May, he plans on pursuing a career as a video editor in some capacity. He’d also like to start his own photography business on the side.  


Carmen Mendoza ’17




Carmen Mendoza ’17 is a senior Broadcasting and Mass Media Communication major. Her career goal is to work as a videographer and post production editor. She would love to travel to create documentaries and creative content.



Geselle Martinez ’17




Geselle Martinez ’17 is a Senior Broadcasting and Mass Communication major and Spanish minor. She hopes for a career as on-air- talent and/or producer/director for TV. She is interested in traveling, watching movies and binge watching Shonda Rhimes shows.




Media Organization Liaisons

Hayley Prenatt’18




Hayley Prenatt ’18 is a junior Broadcasting and Mass Communication major. After graduation she hopes to become a news producer. She is interested in political news and is interested in tracking the current Presidential Election.





Alyssa Cotsalas ’17



Alyssa Cotsalas ’17 is a senior with a Broadcasting and Mass Communication major. Her ideal career path is to become a video editor/ post production on any multimedia platform. She is interested in politics as well as the housewives of New Jersey.




Jazmyn Fields ’18




Jazmyn Fields ’18 is a junior with a Communication and Social Interaction major and a minor in Business Administration and Journalism. Her future career goal is to work in corporate communications. She’s interested in traveling and hopes to work within her field internationally.





Web Director

Jamie LaVigueur ’16




Jamie LaVigueur ’16 is a second semester senior with a Broadcasting and Mass Communication major and a Sports Studies minor. She aims to pursue a career in sports broadcasting and is interested in musical theater.





Faculty Advisor

Michael Riecke



Professor Michael Riecke is the faculty advisor for the Dr. Lewis B. O’ Donnell Media Summit. After working at NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse, he transitioned to teaching full-time where he found a niche advising student media organizations. Outside of work you can find him shopping at Trader Joes with his dog, Quincy.